About Us

“Coffee with a friend is like capturing happiness in a cup.” Now that’s something I identify with. You are on this page because you want to find out about us here at Coffee Bliss.

Hi, my name is Barbs and you’re most welcome to pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of coffee with me. I love the smell of coffee brewing first thing in the morning – and when that smell is combined with hazelnuts or chocolate or almonds, life definitely shines brighter.

I created the Coffee Bliss brand of coffees for people who are passionate about coffee and who love to explore different flavours. So, come with me on a journey of discovery to enjoy coffee at its best and experience Coffee Bliss!

Do you believe that coffee:

  • is a magical drink that makes you smarter?
  • makes conversations flow easier?
  • gives you super-hero powers first thing in the morning?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you understand what coffee is all about.

Let me take you behind the scenes and introduce you to our very own Merlin. That’s not his real name – we call him Merlin because of the magic he creates with flavouring oils and beautifully roasted coffee beans.coffee, love coffee, hazelnut, baileys, amaretto, double chocolate, flavoured coffee

We source our beans from ethical growers around the world. Our suppliers roast the beans to perfection to bring out the smoothness and depth of flavour you love. They package the beans and send them to Merlin who then works his magic.

When Merlin gets his hands on them, he smothers the beans with flavouring oils. The coffee beans soak overnight and absorb the delightful flavours of Amaretto, Baileys Irish CreamCaramel and Hazelnut.

These oils add oodles of flavour to the coffee without sugar, which means you get the added benefits of a reduced sugar intake. I’ve discovered the joys of keeping sugar to a minimum – and it’s not that difficult. If you go back to basics and cook from scratch, food tastes better and costs less. Yes, I know that sounds like a hassle, but once you start, you will wonder why you took so long to get there.

Merlin then carefully weighs and hand packs them into our postage-friendly bags. He pops in a thank you card which has a discount offer for you and quickly vacuum seals the one-way valve bags. This ensures that you receive the very best flavoured coffee to brighten up your day.

It’s a win-win all round.

About Us